Our 2017 season has ended. We look forward to next season! A huge thanks to everyone who played on the team, to our coaches, and to everyone who came out to our games to show their support! 
* Team practices will be on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. each week. (unless we are playing a game) 
* Numbered jerseys are required to play. The cost is $20 for your 1st jersey and $15 for each additional jersey after that. Please be sure to give us your shirt size and the number you would like on your jersey.
Note: these are wicking shirts, they do run a bit small. You may consider ordering a size larger than you would usually wear. 
* We MUST have a minimum of 5 ladies and 5 gentleman on the field to play. We understand that life gets busy and folks won’t be able to attend every practice or game. Our goal is to fill the roster with enough players that if someone can’t be there, we’ve got their back and we can still play. 
* We’re here to play ball, meet new folks, and have some fun! So please spread the word and bring a friend! 
Game Schedule
Tues     6 Jun, 6-8pm – Practice
Thurs    8 Jun, 6:30pm – Game 1 vs Rail Splitters
Fri      9 Jun, 8:50pm – Game 2 vs Budget Bombers
Tues    13 Jun, 6-8pm – Practice
Thurs   15 Jun, 7:40pm – Game 3 B&B vs GPW 
Fri     16 Jun, 6:30pm – Game 4 Tigers vs GPW
Tues    20 Jun, 6-8pm – Practice
Thurs   22 Jun, 8:50pm – Game 5 vs Cope
Fri     23 Jun, 7:40pm – Game 6 vs Wet & Reckless
Tues    27 Jun, 7:40pm – Game 7 vs I’d Hit That
Mon      3 Jul, 8:50pm – Game 8 vs Chemours
Tues     4 Jul-16 Jul, No practice/bye week
Mon     17 Jul, 7:40pm – Game 9 Trinity Homes vs GPW
Tues    18 Jul, 6pm-8pm – Practice
Mon     24 Jul, 7:40pm – Game 10 Flanagan vs GPW
Tues    25 Jul, 6-8pm – Practice
Thurs   27 Jul, 8:50pm – Game 11 Unstoppables vs GPW
Sat     29 Jul, 2:00pm – Game 12 Restoration Church vs GPW
Tues     1 Aug, 6-8pm – Practice
Make up rained out games…
Monday    July 31st    at 8:50pm    vs Smokin’ Bases
Tuesday    Aug. 1st    at 7:40pm    vs Wet & Reckless
31 Jul through 4 August – Tournament (TBA, be flexible).
If you have any questions, please contact the church office at secretary@GPCmunford.org.