Our Mission & Vision

The Mission of GracePoint Church-

Our Purpose is to Reach UP. Reach IN. Reach OUT. GracePoint Church is about reaching up to God with authentic worship, reaching in and caring for the family of faith and reaching out to those who are far from God and at the crossroads of life.

The Vision of GracePoint Church-Our Vision

We envision setting up spiritual outposts throughout Tipton County. We envision life-change in our ministries as God builds within us the character of Christ. We imagine hundreds of men, women and children embracing the truth that God calls them to serve others and build His Kingdom. Once equipped, it is our goal to send believers into their communities for the purpose of serving God and serving others and experiencing life-change.

About GracePoint

What if church didn’t bore your kids to tears? What if it were an encouraging experience? What if it left you feeling refreshed and forgiven? That’s the point at GracePoint church.
Come as you are. No need to cover up tattoos. No need to lose the tie. Bring your questions and concerns and experience God’s radical grace at GracePoint.
At GracePoint, it doesn’t matter what you wear. It doesn’t matter if you have questions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve drifted from the faith. At GracePoint we invite you to come with your questions and come with your struggles and come as you are. GracePoint is a church where you can experience a real God for your real life. God loves you right where you are and He’s ready to shower you with His amazing grace. Grace is the point at GracePoint.